Excerpt From The Truth In True Crime: A Lit Mag Investigation: A Review of Creative Nonfiction Issue#45

“The highlight in this department is Stephanie Susnjara’s profile of Anita Fore, director of legal services for the Authors Guild. This piece, simply put, was a revelation. The necessity of the Authors Guild, their savvy expertise, was clearly, persuasively related, and Fore herself comes off as nothing less than a literary knight in shining armor. Authors embroiled in legal woes or those merely trying to understand contracts, take careful note, lest a true crime narrative spring up in your own lonely writer’s field.” – Ryan Asmussen

Excerpt from USA Today Review of Women Who Eat

“A few essays wander off point (and could have been cut). But delightful authors include: “• Stephanie Susnjara, whose father, an ad agency executive by day and a chef on the weekends, takes her all over Long Island in search of special ingredients — garlic sausage, saffron, phyllo dough.” – Lynne Perri


Excerpt from Library Journal on Our Roots Are Deep Passion edited by Lee Gutkind and Joanna Clapps Herman

“Stephanie Susnjara offers an absorbing ode to the potency and seductive beauty of garlic in “Allium Longicuspis.” Essential for multicultural collections; an engaging read and highly recommended for academic or public libraries.”—Stacey Rae Brownlie